The following websites offer interactive opportunities for students across grade levels and content areas.

Science Snacks - mini lessons
Periodic Table
Ocean Science
Science Learning Network
Yellowstone Volcano Observatory
Frog Guts
Interactive body -Inner Body
Interactive body -Human Body

New York State Assessment Prep
Brainchild Online Assessment Prep
Texas State Assessment Released Test Items

Language Arts
Intervention Central - This website offers a quick way to determine readability levels and also to write probes--thought you might be interested.
Online Phonics Games K-6
PBS's, Arthur!
PBS's, Reading Rainbow
Read, Write, Think
Shel Silverstein
Giggle Poetry
Project Gutenberg --Free books online
Free books online from the World Wide School
RAMP to Reading --online resources for teaching reading
Poetry Teachers
Learning Vocabulary
Web English Teacher
SRA Online Open Court Links
Needleworks Pictures
Literacy Links
Storyline Online - a website of popular childrens' books read by famous actors and actresses of the Screen Actors' Guild
K-2 Links
Picture Dictionary
Book Pals
FreeBees--free online literacy and early reading links

Kids Math Dictionary
National Library of Math Manipulatives --This is a great site for helping students understand complex concepts.
Math Guide -- Links to find out about math
Hofstra University Web Site goes in to graphic detail about calculus. There is also an online tutorial.
Create a Graph! --online tool to make graphs
MacTutor --This tutorial website features mathematicians throughout history.
Magic Math Squares
Create Your Own Venn Diagrams
A+ Math
Math Test Generator
Ask Dr. Math
Lemonade Stand, This is a great site to help students understand the rules of capitalism.
US Mint for Kids, Useful site to help kids understand money and currency.


Music Resources
Sheet Music Archive

Charles Kelly’s Bilingual Online Quiz Generator
Learn Spanish Online for Free
Interesting Things for ESL Students

Ready to use PowerPoint Presos for ALL curricular areas: TONS OF POWERPOINT PROJECTS TO DOWNLOAD AND USE! All grade levels! (This is a school website in Tennessee.)
Ed Helper--several curriculum links for all content areas
Graphic Organizers --for all content areas
Internet for the Classroom--tons of links to all content area resources
Enchanted Learning
Monthly Themes
Schoolhouse Rock
Archimedes’ Lab
Education World
Anderson School Links
Ellis School
Sharon Eilts’ Blogspot-Valuable Resources
Atomic Learning
Free online Certificate Creator
Encyclopedia of Educational Technlology
Internet Classroom Lesson
Internet Classroom Grade Level Skills
Marco Polo --Great site for content specific resources on the web

Social Studies
The History Channel --This Day in History
50 States --Good resource for finding information about all 50 states.
Trackstar is a GREAT site that let's you develop a controlled webquest for your students. Membership is free.
Rubistar is from the same place and let's you create rubrics online for authentic assessment. Very cool! Membership is free.

California has a new site that let's you create lesson plans which are standards based with a technology component. Membership is free

Then there is You can create a blogspot and post (online journal) or post and publish to the web:
Thematic Lessons and Activities
Student email accounts:
Fire Engines (It requires Flash, and is really good. Davis, CA created it.)
Sydney Australia Opera House: Requires Quicktime.
Imagination Cubed: share a pencil or crayon with an online friend and draw together.
The Virtual Wall is pretty much self-explanatory... (The Vietnam Memorial)
The Summer Palace at St. Petersburg
Virtual Smithsonian
Ken White's Virtual Coin Flipping Page --This site is what the name implies; a virtual coin flip!
Snow- This site offers a ton of resources related to snow!
How to do Research Visual Website
Art Pad is a great site for students to draw online! a super website that offers a collection of curriculum-related clipart photos from the Dorling Kindersley books that students may use in projects.
K-12 Teaching and Learning Center is an online Lesson and Project Ideas Website Just for Teachers

Special thanks to Sharon Eilts for sharing some of the sites for this page.