Feel free to use the resources found on this page to help your teachers and students.

URL Newsletter for Parents and Students to aid in State Assessment preparation (click to download pdf)

Simple template for laptop tags for iBook computer check-out (click to download pdf sample)

One page handout of Kansas Writing Assessment Links. (click to download pdf)

I have created a series of very short simple tutorials for "working smarter, not harder" on your computer! I use these when staff members or students have questions about how to do something on their computer. It has saves me time when I can simply attach a video explaining the process instead of writing it out in an email!

Click the links below to watch how to "work smarter, not harder" on your own computer! (The videos open using QuickTime)

Deleting names from your Address Book using OS X Mail

How to blind carbon copy an email using OS X Mail

How to burn a CD

How to connect to a Digital DropBox

How to eject a Jump Drive

Creating multiple iPhoto libraries

Adding new names to your Address Book and to your groups

Saving a file as a PDF from the Print menu

Zipping your files using "Create Archive" under the File menu on a Mac
Do you have ideas for other simple tutorials? Email me your ideas!