Keeping up...

As technology accelerates and the influence of the web and the Internet increase how are educators going to stay caught up?

What plan do you have at your school to help your teachers understand the rapid changes coming with technology? I have yet to meet a teacher who hasn't said, "what? one more thing...I don't have time!" The teachers I know are stressed out about assessments and meeting the requirements of NCLB. What is the motivation for them to work on new technology skills?

One of the resources we use at my school is use Atomic Learning. It allows our teachers and our students the opportunity to learn when they want and how they want; learning new software.

I received an email today from an administrator in a nearby district. She asked me for three reasons why I would want to have my district purchase Atomic Learning. I told her the following:

1.  Atomic Learning allows for 24/7 access for teachers and students to be able to learn how to use, manipulate, design with, create with, use software.

2.  It is not platform specific, meaning a kid who works on a Mac at school can learn what he/she needs to and then learn for the PC, too.

3.  For about $1/ user you  have access to over 15,000 video tutorial that you can watch over and over and over again to figure out how to use software.  Includes more than just Word or PPT, but also PowerSchool, Dreamweaver, Filemaker Pro and a ton more!

4.  Bonus reason--it allows educators an opportunity to practice technology skills and impact life-long learning in the Digital Age on a personal level.

If you haven't checked out Atomic Learning for your own district, you should!